Provenance is a key consideration for us at Kells and that’s why in 2016 we began a collaboration with local farmers in the region to grow heritage grains, including Ølands Wheat.

Our Ølands Wheat is grown on Thomas Butlers Farm in Bennettsbridge, just a stone’s throw from the Kells’ mill on the banks of the river Nore in Co Kilkenny. Originating on the Swedish island of Øland, this incredible wheat has not been modified by modern agriculture.

While it is a low yielding variety in terms of tons per acre, it more than makes up for it in quality and flavour which, in turn, delivers exceptional baking characteristics in the hands of skilled bakers.

Planting takes place in the Spring and we take the grain from Thomas at harvest and dry it down to 14% moisture using a grain dryer to stop it from spoiling and allowing storage for longer periods of time.

We then use our traditional stone mill to mill the wheat into a white flour, gaining all the great flavour characteristics of this process while complementing the natural flavour of the Ølands Wheat.