Who We Work With



We work with a range of food service customers from cafés and coffee shops to restaurants, hotel chains and outside caterers. We offer a delicious range of mixes for scones and cakes and much more besides – from traditional favourites to new flavours and combinations.

When you buy our mixes, we have done all the hard work, so all you need to do is to add the final ingredients like egg, water or milk – so that you can be sure of light and delicious scones cakes and bread every time – delivering guaranteed customer satisfaction and saving you time and money to focus on other areas of your business.

Whatever you need, we work in partnership with you, to make sure you have everything you need for your business. Our wide range of signature pre-mixed blends simplify your preparation and production process, as well as improving consistency in your products.

With our expertise gained over generations, we can respond to your specific requirements, from indulgent treats to a healthier bake.



We offer a range of delicious cake solutions including mixes and fillings from traditional favourites like carrot cake and Madeira or chocolate to modern classics such as indulgent red velvet cake. We are proud of our recipes, lauded by bakers and chefs nationwide for their moist texture, as well as their 100% natural flavours and colours. We also provide a range of products for sugarcraft customers, helping you create those artistic centrepieces or finishing touches.

You will love the versatility of our mixes as many of them can be used to make a host of different options like cupcakes, sponge cakes, tray bakes, cookies and muffins. For many of our customers, having these adaptable mixes brings with them the added benefits of cutting down on storage and waste.



We work with all types of bakers, whether you’re a bread bakery, cake bakery, bread and cake bakery, plant bakery, a craft or artisan baker, or you bake in-store or even at home. We have the perfect solutions for you. Our flour milling and bread blends give us one of the largest portfolios of Irish made products, ensuring you can find the answer to all your baking needs.

Many of our blends can be used for a wide variety of products from soda and yeasted breads to baps and rolls. We are constantly developing new products at our dedicated test bakery and technical laboratory, keeping your company ahead of the curve.



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